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April 5, 2007, 9:16 pm
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        The name of my project is The Eye Of Awareness. 
The ultimate theme of my project is to bring awareness
of the different ways to think about the environment
around you.
I started out by making a list of the themes
I wanted my peers to get out of my project. They were,
How we move through it.
How it affects us/ how we affect it.
How we connect with others in our environment.
How we miss things as we move through it.
How we find things
Do themes change the way you move through space and certain
A week before the actual presenting of my project
 I started my project.
I did this by making a movie clip about the
 environment I am using to do my project and
 asked the class to
come up with one word that represents the
 idea of environment to them.
I did this to have my peers start thinking
about this word and what it means.
        On the day I presented I brought my class to my location,
which is a path in Hyde Park.
 When we got there I had them get in a circle and
 I gave them Index cards which had on them
 a lay out of space to record what they feel, see, hear,
 examine, each time they walk though my chosen environment.
 I also drew the path on the card for them to use. I had them
 start by writing down the word they came up with
 for environment then we each went around, said our word
and had each member of the group think about the word
 they picked and
provide a hypothesis of why that person would be this word.
My point of this was to get my peers minds thinking about
different ways to think about the word environment and the
 different meanings it can have.
Then I had my peers walk six times through the path I had
picked for my project.
Each walk through related to one of the themes I had set
 out for my peers to become aware of.
Each walk through consisted of,       
1st walk through, it’s just a walk through. Then I will ask
them to make a list of the things they saw/heard/felt/examined
 on there card.
2nd walk through, is take a picture of something you find
interesting. (Then they will explain it and mark where they
saw it on there card.)
3rd walk through, Walk through and pick up an
object that you
find interesting on the path.
(Why they picked this object and
then they will have to carry it for the rest of the walk
4th Walk through, with your object and you can talk
 but you have to run and play the game tag at the same time.
(for this I am goin to secretly change something
 obvious on the path and see
 if they miss it then I will show them)
5th Walk through, find a way to map your way around the path
with your Card by tracing your location on the path
 to your card as you walk.
 (I drew the path on each card and then walk it and
 used a pen to draw a line.) this is the mapping
 aspect and a different way to look at the path because
 you have to think about where you are exactly on the path,
where as before your location did not matter as much because
 you were looking at things along the path.
6th walk through, I am going to spit the group up,
some walking backwards through the path some walking in
the other direction then we had been.
(I will then ask them if they saw anything different
 in the path and the way they saw it)
I feel this worked very well because many of my peers
 felt like new things came out and they saw thinks
 much differently.
This also happened to me when I did it and though
 I was skeptical I really hope they experienced
 the same thing I did,
which they did.   
Then we related back to my purpose and the themes
of each of the walk throughs.
This is the deferent ways we think about Environment.
 Then I shared what I got from it and explain why it is
important to be aware of your environment
which is my world changing aspect while relating to the
 flanuer and taxonomy.
 Hopefully they will get something out this like a new
 way of thinking or a new mind set of the deferent
ways we can look at the space around us.
I feel this went very well and everyone seemed to
 be a bit more enlightened by the end.
I myself got a lot out of it, just from doing it
myself and seeing how our expediences differ.

Thank you everyone for having an open mind and

supporting attitude it made everything run very smooth.


Peter Mason, Bath Maine, 22yrs old




The Reflection
January 27, 2007, 8:10 pm
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Now that everthing has sunk in, when I Look back to our day at the Glob and mapping our way to soho,  I can better reflect on what I got out of the day. I thought the Glob was amazing and very interesting. How importent it was for people back then can be seen from the fact that the rich and the pour both went to this theater. The limited space and the volume of people that went is a great example that shows comfort was not importent as long as you got to see the show. The tour guide was also amazing. He made some conections about Shakespears writing that I never picked up on.

Our journey to soho was interesting because it allowed for the dynamic of the group to take shape.  Some people lead some followed some were motivated some not so much. This allowed for a great group becuase if everyone was the same things would not have went as smooth as they did. The hole Idea that everything is conected and can be show by maps is interesting. I agree with it. I feel everything is conected some how some way and thats how we have came to be. Like the story about that plage in the well. Becuase it was only found in one well you could see that as you got closer to the well more people were sick and the people that leaved far away had been there at some piont or another.

The pill blanket hit me the most after the fact. Its carzy how many pills we consume and how many we consume and don’t even need them. How a lot of the pills we take are from our on doing. for example, we take die pills because we eat to much. If we just ate helthy we would never need to take that pill. It really shows that we consume a lot.

The Traveling Bag
January 27, 2007, 3:09 pm
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My bag is a traveling bag as it sits on my back ready for the next advanture. It likes to consume useful things pens, paper, FIE information, lib bom, a condom, gym, two hats, a phone charger, some matches, a tide side to get out though spots on a go, phone card, ear phones, under arm deoderent, a book light, traveling guide for london, some magic tricks and extra money just in case. He is organized and is ready for every thing. I feel my bag holds some insights in to my personality, but I feel it would be hard to really know who I am through the things that are in my bag. Though, some of the values my bag holds are the same as mine. I like to travel and im workin on bring organized. I also feel my bag is quite stylish as I feel he would say the same about me. I like to be smell good hense the deoderent. Its all kinda superfitial though. Sence, we did this I havn’t really came up with anything new. I thought it was interesting to see each persons bag and what was in side and some of the thing resemble the image you want to have or currently do have.