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Mapping Opinions by danfish
April 20, 2007, 2:26 pm
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My project involved gathering opinions about what I think is an important global issue. What i wanted to do was see if other people cared about global warming like I do, or if it is not important to them. So what I did was set out to areas with a good concentration of people. I chose to go around to different pubs in order to gather the opinions that I needed. Using the bluetooth function on my cell phone, I took a poll in these different pubs. I asked “Poll: Is global warming an important issue to you?” I found it difficult to get responses, although I did get some. Some of the opinions that I mapped were of people that I actually spoke to. I think that gathering opinions through the bluetooth is effective because it is completely randomized. You do not know who it is you are communicating with. It is sort of like observing something from the outside, but not totally because you are directly communicating with a group of people. I think that completing this exercise from different pubs was a good idea. It is a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of people. I made my own opinion maps based on what types of responses I found at the pubs. The green circles represent people that think global warming is an important issue, and the red x’s represent people who do not. Here are the pictures of the maps that I made. Overall, I feel that this project ran smoothly in class. It was nice to have this at the end of the day. It gave us all a chance to relax after all of our projects.


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