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DIfferent Spaces DIfferent Places – A Brian Noel Joint by bnoel728
April 19, 2007, 7:20 pm
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During the course of my study abroad, I’ve had many new experiences; however, one long lasting experience truly sticks out. Until this semester, I never shared a bedroom with anyone and the most people I lived with was 3. This semester I was made to share a relatively small bedroom with 3 other guys and live with 5 other people altogether. Therefore, I decided that I would try to relate my experiences to my fellow classmates for my final project.

I created a game in Hyde Park that revolved around playing cards. First, I made a scaled down diagram of our flat out of orange string on the grass, with the bathroom, common area and kitchen separated. There were six sets of 3 playing cards and 1 index card, one for each person participating. On the index card, there were 3 activities that had to be completed in order and each person had a different order. The activities were to shower, watch tv, and cook and eat food. Once everyone was situated, I had everyone with the same activity go to the appropriate area of the flat. Once there, whoever had the highest card of the group held priority over the activities and there was always someone left out who had to do nothing while everyone else was showering, cooking and watching tv. To simulate cooking in a small space, I had two people kick a soccer ball the whole time and the goal was to keep the ball in the kitchen. To simulate watching tv, I had two people listen to an iPod, one headphone for each person, and the person with the highest card chose the music they both listened to. While showering, the person with the highest card went into the small shower space and listened to an iPod.

The goal of this exercise was to show how small spaces affect different people. I made it a point to have someone during each activity left with nothing to do because there are times in our flat that there is no room in the kitchen, someone is in the shower, and you have nothing to do until space becomes free. Hope everyone enjoyed it


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