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Excursions deep inside a handbag by nnlondon
January 12, 2007, 6:16 pm
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A bag, exposed

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I uploaded this photo automatically using flickr…

I feel rather cheeky that I never let you look inside my bag, so I have emptied it on the floor:

  • Mini London A to Z with slightly crumpled corners and a yellow 3M post-it standard flag on page 98. I only know it is called a post-it standard flag because I have just looked on the 3M website. They have a plethora of seemingly useful flag type stuff: The post-it picture paper must have some use for Neighborhood Narratives… paper and photo stuck on sites all around London? I have no idea why it marks page 98.
  • 2 crumpled plastic carrier bags: a purple one from m&s and a white and blue one from Pet Pavilion. Hmmm… can you tell where I shop. Purpose? Think dog.
  • A wrigley’s extra peppermint megapak gifted to me by my boyfriend. Inside are two sticks of unchewed gum. The flap is open (tsk, tsk, so remiss of me not to close it), so in the bottom of my bag were scattered 4 more unchewed sticks (the corner of one is very squashed, I think it got dripped on during yesterday’s insane wind-rainstorm) and two crumpled wrappers and two bits of tinfoil.
  • 18 hour protective hand cream, sally hansen, very orange-y (i really mean this, if you hate the smell of oranges it will make you vomit) but very, very good
  • Garmin nuvi: it works well walking from knightsbridge to trafalgar square to picadilly to green park but not so well yesterday when I tried to locate satellites at Oxford Circus.
  • One black bic pen (no lid), one blue bic pen with lid. I hate bic pens. They seem too simple and they are hexagonal and bug my fingers, but now as I type this I think maybe I do like something about them. In contrast, I love my MUJI pen.
  • A niceday notebook. I have run out of nice notebooks so I’ve had to make do over the last and a random selection of papers needed for meetings for all my consultancies.
  • One U.S. penny
  • One 5p coin

How revealing! I wonder if you see what I do…