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George Kealey’s final project breif
April 3, 2007, 9:20 pm
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My locative media project is called “Jonny’s journey in London.”  It follows a fictional character through a set of events and on a specific path in order to create a particular story.  The aim of this project was to show different interpretations of identity, to show how location can change ideas and perspectives, and to compare these findings.


I presented a back full of evidence to two groups, which contained scraps of paper, receipts, trash, sound clips, hyperlinks, and an iPod.  The goal was to see how each group took these small piece of evidence and examine how they put each piece into the big picture of the story and how they used these pieces of evidence to construct an identity.



I then sent out each group with an iPod loaded with photos that guided them along a path which Jonny followed.  The goal of this part was to see if the groups could map the area based on photos of specific locations and landmarks.  The secondary goal was to see if following the path changed how each group interpreted the evidence.



Each group had in depth interpretations into Jonny’s life and character.  Each group understood that he was frustrated, depressed, and from California.  Both groups, however ignored the piece of evidence that stated he had been expelled, which was one of the biggest details about his journey.  One group was able to follow all of the photos to the location, the other group followed the path partially.  Both groups however, changed their interpretation of Jonny and the evidence as the progressed along the path.

 Media used: flickr, sound recordings, internet, paper, maps, iPod, photographs, cameras.
Pictures used to recreate Jonny’s path can be found online here.


Globe Theater and Maps
January 25, 2007, 3:27 pm
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One thing that I noticed about the Globe Theater was the explanation how the environment changes the experience for the audience AND the performers.  Usually at a theater or cinema I never think about the people around me, other than in occasional mild annoyance.  However, at the Globe, it is impossible to ignore those around you, especially if you’re standing on the ground.  Further, it’s amazing that twice the amount of people used to be packed into the theater compared to how many fill it on a normal time today.  I think this whole idea relates to our class by showing how environment can change perception.  I think that is one of the reasons that for this class we are taken out of the classroom for experiences.

I also was pretty interested by the map of pills taken in two humans’ lifetimes.  Paradoxically, focusing on one specific thing can shed a lot of light on related factors.  Beyond showing what kind of life the person lived and a lot about their health, the map also said something about our society. One interesting fact is that the man took as many pills in the last ten years of his life as he did in the rest of his life.  A great deal of information can be gained from investigating seemingly simple maps.

My Backpack by Walter George Kealey III
January 24, 2007, 4:07 pm
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In my bag:

A notebook recycled from last semester
A 1/8 to 1/8 audio cable that I used to hook up my iPod to  a rental car
2 paper towels
“On the Road” by Jack Kerouac
A Peanut Butter Power Bar
A nametag from a summer program in 2005
An honorable mention certificate for the Archeological essay contest in 9th grade
A business card I got this summer that says  Life one way, and you can turn it upside down and it says Death
My checkbook which is useless over here
Pens and Pencils
A Hat
My iPod
An airline converter for headphones that I don’t actually need
An advertisement for LoveSacs (
A pin that says “abortion kills”
A set of Allen wrenchs
Two AA batteries
Empty memory card case
Super Mario World for Gameboy
Southwest Airlines claim tag with my information on it
Memory card converter for my cell phone
Some FIE information I needed to fly in

That’s everything in my bag.  I don’t know what kind of identity it projects, probably mostly a pack rat, even though I don’t think I am one.  Some things are weird, like the pro life pin, because I don’t even really agree with that point of view; that’s probably six years old.  I obviously don’t clean my bag regularly, and I use it for a lot of different purposes, which is why it sort of amasses different odds and ends.  With my bag I can usually be prepared for a lot of different things, and I would guess it projects are person who is on the go a lot.  Some things in my bag, well I frankly have no clue why they’re there, but I put them back nonetheless when the exercise was done.My Bag