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George Kealey’s final project breif by wgkealey
April 3, 2007, 9:20 pm
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My locative media project is called “Jonny’s journey in London.”  It follows a fictional character through a set of events and on a specific path in order to create a particular story.  The aim of this project was to show different interpretations of identity, to show how location can change ideas and perspectives, and to compare these findings.


I presented a back full of evidence to two groups, which contained scraps of paper, receipts, trash, sound clips, hyperlinks, and an iPod.  The goal was to see how each group took these small piece of evidence and examine how they put each piece into the big picture of the story and how they used these pieces of evidence to construct an identity.



I then sent out each group with an iPod loaded with photos that guided them along a path which Jonny followed.  The goal of this part was to see if the groups could map the area based on photos of specific locations and landmarks.  The secondary goal was to see if following the path changed how each group interpreted the evidence.



Each group had in depth interpretations into Jonny’s life and character.  Each group understood that he was frustrated, depressed, and from California.  Both groups, however ignored the piece of evidence that stated he had been expelled, which was one of the biggest details about his journey.  One group was able to follow all of the photos to the location, the other group followed the path partially.  Both groups however, changed their interpretation of Jonny and the evidence as the progressed along the path.

 Media used: flickr, sound recordings, internet, paper, maps, iPod, photographs, cameras.
Pictures used to recreate Jonny’s path can be found online here.


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