Neighborhood Narratives London

Becky’s reflection by beckyclawson
January 29, 2007, 2:23 am
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One of the interesting things I took away from our last class is that there is no ONE right way to map; there are MANY different ways to map.  As we made our way to Soho, we used the map provided on the GPS system to navigate along the roads. Along the way, we referred to our handheld maps to find names  of landmarks.  The video we made for the other NN students, though it didn’t tell them how to get from point A to point B, was still a map of our journey, personalized through the introductions and commentary. John Snow used yet another method of mapping to research the trend in cholera outbreaks.  Even during our lunch break, we used a form of “mental mapping” (getting and following directions) to find our way to the museum, where the exhibit we saw displayed a map of the journey through life using photos and narratives of many different people. It had not occurred to me until the end of our class that we are constantly surrounded by maps in various forms and that virtually anything can be mapped.  Kinda neat!


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