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Excursions deep inside Brian Noel’s hand bag by bnoel728
January 26, 2007, 2:50 pm
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The contents of my bag included:

 An MP3 Player

A video camera

digital camera

4 AAA batteries

A Syringe


Opened package of a digital camera memory stick.

An unusable cell phone

A worthless checkbook

Camera chargers

    Part of me believes that the contents of our handbags exposes our shared identity but I’m not completely sold on the idea. Though some of the items in my bag could explain different facets of my identity, I would not base the image of my identity through the contents of my bag. My main example is the fact that I had 3 electronic devices in my bag, along with headphones, batteries and battery chargers. One might think that I was trying to make myself out to be a strong being who does not approve of showing any type of weakness. Or, it could be that I went out and about around South Kensington before class like a tourist taking pictures and video…or maybe I hadn’t cleaned out my bag since I arrived in London. I enjoyed the exercise but I’m still not sold on the principles of the exercise.


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