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My bag by beckyclawson
January 15, 2007, 6:36 pm
Filed under: carrying, identity, in class exercise, layers, narrative, rubbish, storage

The contents of my bag included:
-one notebook for class notes
-one click pen from Texaco Express Lube
-my digital camera, which I have used extensively throughout the trip thus far
-a notebook with humorous quotes said by fellow Temple University study-abroaders
-a receipt for the duty-free liquor Becky Bordo and I bought at the JFK airport
-a neon pink bandana, for keeping my bangs in place on bad hair days
-a thin black Sharpie pen
-the wrapper of a tropical flavored piece of Trident gum
-three used batteries
-one long black nail filer
-a guide to day-excursions in London
-the tourist guide to the V&A museum
-feminine products<br>-$4
-mint waxed floss
-an 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter for my headphones
-one starburst candy wrapper, which I ate on the airplane

Becky's Bag

As we discussed, it seems a few people felt these items projected an image of someone who is prepared. Floss, the guide-book, batteries, the adapter (with nothing to adapt), and nail filer contribute to this image, I imagine. Brian even went so far as to say I’m probably very “logical”, which I feel is quite accurate. In addition, a few classmates pointed out that I’m probably sentimental and that memories seem important to me, as hinted at by my “quote book” and camera. These were all great observations.


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